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  With LinkedIn it is important to remember that when interacting on this platform, it is much like a business trade show.  You are encouraged to share your business portfolio, skills and talents.   The first thing you need to do is make sure you complete your personal profile with […]

How to use LinkedIn for business

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I have heard this question from a lot of business owners… “Do I really need to blog?” The simple answer is yes, but I am sure that isn’t the answer you came for. You are probably here because you have heard that it is important to have a blog, but you […]

Do I really need to blog?

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Okay first and foremost I am not going to make this technical, because that would not be fun to write or read :) For me it makes sense to use Google Analytics.  I have found that not only do they make it easy to use, but it integrates very well […]

Analytics and your Blog